Good blessed frosty Sunday morning all!

As part of our new ranch expansion, we are keeping you involved in some of our day to day activities. One of the biggest hurdles we face is our water to ranch homestead & livestock. WE HAVE SO MUCH WATER, and it’s all just pouring out of two major mountain streams, which are very near the top of the mountain while we have settled at very near the bottom. The full piping project is saved for a little warmer temps (the water itself is near freezing, and so FRESH!), so we have adapted a water collection and distribution system involving large tanks, well-pumps, water line, heat bulbs and heat tape. It’s not optimal, but it works for the short-term.

We have discovered a few other springs that have opened up. We have to watch these to see if they are permanent additions or simply seasonal. Unfortunately the only one who really knew this property has passed away, so there is a lot of learning on our end. Now that we are finally living here, we have daily management projects and soon Allen will have more time to investigate additional resources. We are happy it’s February, and based on what nature is telling us (despite the groundhog) it looks like milder weather will be breaking soon.

Today we bring home the first of our herds. We don’t have our primary border fence up yet, however we have set up a hay paddock for feeding and watering until we get the first paddock fenced. This requires a lot of planning as you can imagine; we only want to install the fenced paddock once! Feel free to contact us if you’d like to be part of this major project; we guarantee fresh air, water, good company and a healthy winter workout.

Thank you again for your support, purchases, follows, shares and comments. Without you, we’re just another coupla middle age ranchers fighting the good fight to survive. You help support us, give us purpose to continue providing, and we really CANNOT do this without YOU. Enjoy a blessed day, y’all ~ Allen & Kimberly


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