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Longhorn Grass-fed Beef

We are a family owned and operated ranch keeping it simple and honest.
Feeding your family healthy lean grass-fed beef should not be a challenge; many brands claim to be grass-fed but supplement with grain.
We are 100% grass-fed from start to finish.

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Why Choose Our Beef?

Happy Cows!

Our cattle live a wonderful life grazing in our pastures and enjoy fresh air and sunlight 365 days a year!

Leanest Beef

Longhorn Beef is naturally lean, and because we do not supplement with grain it stays that way and so do those who eat it!

Lots of Omega-3

When cattle only consume grass the meat nutritional profile are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which keep our hearts and brains healthy!

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Our Happy Clients

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Love, love, love this family and their beef is beyond wonderful!! Every cut we have tried has been so delicious…well worth the extra care (only longer cooking times at lower temps….not extra work!!) it takes to keep it juicy and flavorful! I highly recommend their products! You won’t be disappointed!

Cheryl Parton

Don’t miss this GREAT MEAT ! I have lost weight while eating this beef. Never had better beef. Slow cook to perfection. It will change your mind about what is in the stores. You won’t have to ask where’s the BEEF. It’s all in the flavor and you will know where it is.”

Sam Crosby

 I Best grass-fed beef in our region! It is so lean that we can eat it as often as we like. Our favorites and ground beef, roasts, and stew meat. Also the bones for making broths. It’s a lovely place to visit to pickup your order, beautiful views and the nicest people!”

Kelly Corle

865 403 2870 OR