Loin Steaks, T-Bones


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Loin steaks are the best of two worlds, one side Filet and other side NY Strip, held together by the distinctive T-shaped bone (which contains a little tasty marrow too!). Served best in reverse sear or short, hot sear and rest (we like the pan frying best) these tasty steaks are great for date night or just because. Each package has 2 steaks, total weight of ~1.5#. Priced per average package size.

All of our longhorns are rotated regularly with fresh access to grass (seasonally) and clean water. We do not “finish” with any grain or by-products of grain, completely pasture-raised til harvest. We supplement with local, untreated hay as needed. Our longhorns are naturally 95% lean and will yield a denser, beefier flavor than traditional breeds.


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