Holiday Roast, Whole Strip Loin


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Special occasions call for special cuts, and we have your favorites in stock for a limited time! The whole strip loin is boneless (NY strip) end of the short loin. Not quite as well known, but just as flavorful! Priced per package, average roast size 2.25# All our beef is lean and clean longhorn beef, yielding a “beefier” flavor in each delicious bite. Reserve yours for delivery or local “meatings” on Thursdays! Thank you for choosing Better Beef by Divine Design

Additional information

Boneless Rib Roast

A boneless version of rib roast, prime rib cut

Bone In Rib Roast

The most popular cut during the holidays

Whole Strip Loin

The less common but just as tasty cousin to the rib roast


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